Tailoring to the needs and pricing of each business was a thing of the past. Or was it? 

​Our team has spent years designing, implementing, and maintaining networks throughout the service-provider industry. Our mission is to provide network services for all businesses, tailored to their personal needs, not pre-packaged like many other groups. This personalization has built connections and security of network designs, just with the simple question asked, “How can we help?”

Bring your network back to you!

At Local Network Solutions, we understand how a growing business needs flexibility and creativity to get the job done. We begin with outlining your network and what it can do for you. This process often can be accomplished remotely, at the convenience of your schedule.

Family-run Business

LNS began as a small, family-run business that has grown to service organizations nationwide

Local Network Solutions brings over 30 years of experience in network design, support, and customer service. We have extensive experience in implementing solutions throughout the following businesses:

  • Public and private schools K-12 

  • Higher education

  • Public and private health care (in conjunction with
    HIPAA regulations)

  • Local, state, and federal agencies and national carriers

We have a proven track record in developing a tailor-made solution for all business needs. This customized approach ensures that your network’s performance is maximized, reliable and not over-engineered. Your company can increase productivity while adhering to already established industry standards. With LNS, you will secure and protect your network that your company’s critical data relies on.